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About Us

Our History.


Some people decide to join a group that pays regular visits to one of the Monfortane Missions in Malawi and there they live a deeply emotional experience. As a result of this intense and direct contact with the problems of the country, old and new friends feel a strong desire for acting TOGETHER, doing something real and tangible for the multiple needs of the local people.

2006, Italy, Bergamo

Convinced that acting “TOGETHER”, instead of individually, was the best way to get the most from every effort for the realization of essential projects for the development of Malawi, this group of friends founded the Association “Insieme per il Malawi” Onlus.

The aim of the Association

The aim of the association was to spread the consciousness of all problems and difficulties met by the Missions engaged in solidarity actions on the territory and, moreover, but not least, take actions for the protection, care and social, cultural and spiritual development of children, youths and all Malawi adults who feel the need or desire of it.

Members and Supporters of the Association

Members and Supporters of the Association are the soul of it. Each of them, in different ways or manners takes an active part in the rich life of the Association pushed by the desire to devote a large part of their life to solidarity towards the so-called Third World.

A touching word

The word “INSIEME”, together, in the name of the association is not casual, but implies the idea of an effective cooperation between us and the people of Malawi .

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Our team

Assolari Giuseppe
Oldrati Fausto
Vice Presidente
Ranica Elisabetta
Nyang’ama Michael
Rappresentante permanente in Malawi
Don Malamulo Samuel
Don Madziakaphwa Israel