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Our goals

Actions for children

Our commitment is focused on educational social programs with specific attention to early childhood, to the struggle against illiteracy, the reduction of school drop-out rates, the promotion of reading and culture, the support of orphans and other helpless children. Education is our reference point.

We help them grow!!

It is through cooperation with health centres that we gain information on the quality of diet, nutrition and therefore children’s well-being. We are actively working to organize structures where, in six months’ courses, motivated young natives can learn the basics of tinsmithery, welding, woodworking, tailoring. A project that can only be realized with everybody’s help.

We implement economic programs for the reduction of poverty levels, through the creation and realization of structures and means aimed at increasing agricultural productivity and farming to support and help less favoured people

Our Activities

Income Generating Activities

 The “Insieme per il Malawi” Onlus works to identify and implement income generating activities in the interest of the community and is now developing marketing strategies for income generating activities in different fields, trying to educate the population on the ecology of the surrounding environment.

Education and Information

Our organization is acting to stimulate a change in the population behaviour through information, education and communication. We would like to create a centre with cd, video, books and means of diffusion of letters and information.

Water and Services

The Association is restoring Utale wells to make water sources easily accessible to the community. In the Sekazawo village we have a system of irrigation run by the community and 30% of the income is devoted to the subsistence of Utale II lepers.



Important Considerations

  • The activities we have just mentioned could give work to more than 25 essentially young people.
  • Activities carried on by Insieme per il Malawi should support and integrate the government efforts for national development.
  • Our organization has made important progress in the economy of the country. Hygienic sanitary services could still be improved to benefit 20.000 families in five years.It is enough to mention the project for the restoration of wells and the number of families recovering water. Each restored well has a committee in charge of its management.
  • Programs for children play an important role in monitoring growth. Through the program we have carried out so far we are able to monitor children’s physical development and check that they follow the right track.
  • Families are encouraged to organize groups for reforestation and through this initiative the community is made aware of the importance of wildlife conservation.